Mourning in the Spotlight / Five Minutes to Mourn

Unfortunately, there are many people, notably women, in South Africa that suffer physical, sexual and mental abuse from their spouses daily. They live in a prison of fear in their own homes created by an abusive spouse. If you haven’t suffered that type of abuse, I don’t think anyone can understand how some people can live like that.

But domestic abuse, particularly women abuse, is rife in our country. A recent study conducted by the South African Medical Council have shown that over 60 000 women and children are abused yearly. Unfortunately, many women abuse cases go unreported simply because of the fear of retaliation. Fortunately, thanks to the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act of 1998, many abuse cases are pursued and there are many centres across the country that provides shelter and advice for victims of women abuse.

Armed Angels believes there’s a far simpler cure for domestic abuse which is a firearm. Most wife beaters are cowards, too afraid to stand up to a man so they attack women. Well, we think that such a coward would definitely back down when his wife, who’s had enough, pulls out a loaded Magnum .45 instead of just taking it again. At Armed Angels, we don’t endorse violence, we endorse justice and common sense.

As a woman, you have every right to defend yourself and a loaded revolver provides the perfect means of self-defence.

Woman Abuse